V E G E T A L S ~ V E G E T A L S ~ V E G E T A L S ~ V E G E T A L S ~ V E G E T A L S ~ V E G E T A L S ~ V E G E T A L S

A vegetable

As i lay asleep last night
my mind wondered through the window and out of sight
catching a ride on a passing crow
it went places i’ll never go

Gliding it passed over palms and rivers
swooping under waterfalls left me with shivers
rising on a warm sea breeze high
it watched the golden sun set and with a sigh

Returned begrudgingly to where bedridden i lay
paralysed, a vegetable as they say

Searle | July 2014


You see me sitting there, oblivious to what is surrounding me.
And I appear normal and good to you so you decide I'm the one you want.

You're excited that you found me and how perfect I seem.
Once we get home you start to explore me, only to be shocked.
One the inside I am not the quality you saw on the outside.
Silly human, only the strong and good ones make it through what we experience.

Imagine being ripped away from your home, going to unknown places alone, heard words of different tones.

Being put into a crate with no way to escape.
I'm sorry I'm not who you expected me to be, I'm not one of the strong or good ones you see.

Ivory Grace | March 2015